Friday, June 18, 2021

Mt Wellington, Kunanyi, Tasmania.

Hobart is so fortunate to have such a wonderful natural scenery for a capital city. It has the Southern Ocean, sea, bays, the Derwent River, hills, mountains and farming countryside . One of the first of these iconic attractions when you come to Hobart is Mt Wellington. Being 1270 m above sea level it is an alpine area. Below are some of the moods of Mt Wellington/Kunanyi.



Thursday, June 10, 2021

Richmond, Tasmania

St Johns, Catholic Church, Richmond
Just 20 minutes east of Hobart is the quaint little historic town of Richmond.
It is home to several inconic things and St Johns, Catholic Church is one. Built in 1837 it is the oldest Catholic Church still being used in Australia. It has a very prominent spot on top of a hill overlooking the village.

Pooseum, Richmond, Tasmania.

Pobably one of the world’s most unique museums is the Pooseum at Richmond. Hidden away at one end of the main street you are greeted by a little dog “doing it’s business”. Despite your first thoughts it is an immensely interesting stop in Richmond.

Richmond Bakery, Richmond, Tasmania.

While sitting at the famous Richmond Bakery you can read all about the history of this iconic village. It may be small but it has a big history

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Oatlands in the Midlands of Tasmania

Flour Mill at Oatlands

Oatlands was mainly a military and farming community in the early days of colonisation. There are more heritage buildings here than anywhere else in Australia. The windmill was used to grind wheat into flour.



Lake Dulverton, Oatlands, Tasmania

This is a cool artist’s impression of a bullock in Lake Dulverton. In days gone by, before tractors all the ploughing was done by bullock teams. The bullocks were launched into the lake to herald the Heritage and Bullock festival.

Dry Stone Wall at Oatlands.

All around Oatlands there are amazing dry-stone walls made from stones that were taken from the fields in early days. The stones had to be removed before farming was possible. These walls were build by the women of the town and each had a different style which is very apparent as you wander around the town.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

In and around Hobart Tasmania

Tasmanian Devils

Around the world there are many road signs indicating the animals of the region, but we are the only place in the world to have this sign of a Tasmanian Devil. It is on the Arthur Highway on the way to Port Arthur.


Mt Wellington/kunanyi - Hobart

On top on Mt Wellington/kunanyi feels like the top of the world on a spectacular day BUT…….


Mt Wellington/kunanyi - Hobart

On a bad day it can feel like Antarctica in a blizzard.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Ross, Tasmania

Middle of Tasmania


Ross is a beautiful little country town in the middle of Tasmania. In the early days of settlement, it was decided to “draw” a line of Government through the 42nd parallel and Ross is where this line is drawn between the north and the south of the island.
It is such a pretty town in Autumn with all the European trees that change colour at this time of year. 


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Tasmania


Autumn in Tasmania is the time when the leaves fall and many imported plants and trees take time to rest for winter. The Conservatory is always spectacular with different colours at different times of the year.

Botanical Gardens Clock, Tasmania

What’s the time? Check with the flower clock.

Duck pond,Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

This wet area is a wonderful haven for wild ducks and their ducklings. Many weddings take place in this iconic part of the gardens.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Launceston, Northern Tasmania

Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania

We began our day at Cataract Gorge in Launceston. The weather was superb which always makes for a great day.

Holm Oak Winery, Launceston, Tasmania 

The group had a fantastic wine tasting at Holm Oak. This winery has a beautiful outlook over the ground and the grapes which were all showing off their autumn colours.

Gin, Launceston, Tasmania

We concluded our day with a private tour at Turners Stillhouse along the Tamar River.
Food and scenery. What more could anyone ask for.

Mt Wellington, Kunanyi, Tasmania.

Hobart is so fortunate to have such a wonderful natural scenery for a capital city. It has the Southern Ocean, sea, bays, the Derwent River...